$250,000 of Electric Bicycles in Stock NOW! Visit Sydney's eBike Specialists - Parramatta, Blacktown & Penrith

Imagine being able to ride like a Pro Rider with zero training. Welcome to the world of eBikes. 

Check out Laurie from the Blackman Bicycles team above.  We hit the trails around Lake Parramatta and put the fabulous new generation Giant eMountain Bike and the stunning Focus Jam electric Mountain Bike through their paces the way these electric mountain bicycles climbed hills and rocks and all kinds of challenges with ease was just incredible.

Electric Mountain Bicycle FAQ

At Blackman Bicycles we think electric bicycles are the way of the future. Electric Bicycles will actually get you more fit because you WANT to pedal because you get double the power which makes mountain biking and bicycling so much fun.

Yes, you still need to pedal BUT you get a lot more power down because as you pedal, the direct drive new generation electric motor provides huge torque and power assistance to reward your efforts with more thrust than you have ever experienced riding a non-electric bicycle. 

It's a bit like riding up a hill and getting an invisible push from a big friendly giant. The new electric bicycle drivetrains and batteries are so well integrated it's hard to tell them apart from a standard bicycle. But boy do these new bikes takes all the pain out of riding. They make it so much fun to pedal you will not even notice you are exercising. 

Because every eBike is different, we would like to invite you to visit us today @ our Parramatta, Blacktown or Penrith stores and allow us to spend some time with you introducing you to the range of eBikes we have in store to get you acquainted with these new generation electric mountain bikes and bicycles.

YES! you can test ride. You will LOVE it! Best of all, our brand new electric bicycle or electric mountain bike are 100% legal and approved for Australian roads and will STILL absolutely blow you away with the performance. 

Give us a call on 02 9683 6555 to arrange your VIP electric bicycle experience. More fun, more fitness, more exhilaration. Get an amazing Ebike from Blackman Bicycles to enjoy this holiday season. 

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