Kai’s NSW Bmx State Titles report.

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Result: 1st Class: Saturday - 14+ Open Men, Sunday – 17+ Open Men The BMXNSW State Championships were held over two days, and featured two days of racing for the Pro Classes. The Sunday was the State Championships race day for us, while the Saturday was essentially just an Open race that all riders above 14 years could compete in. It was an extremely hot weekend with the temperature exceeding 30 degrees Celsius on both days. I had been struggling with niggling lower back pain over the couple of weeks leading into the event, but in turn was very well rested, and was feeling good leading into the race. Saturday’s racing was held in the afternoon. I won all three motos and my semi final, but Blake Moore had a faster Time in his semi final, which gave me second lane choice after him. I came out of lane 2, and had my best start of the day. I was able to shut off Blake down the first straight for the lead around the first corner. I almost slid out on the second corner as I rushed to start pedalling for the third straight, but I held onto it, and was able to come across the finish line in 1st. The racing in Saturday afternoon’s heat had really got to me on Sunday, feeling quite Tired from the start of the day. I endeavored to ride as smooth as possible and conserve as much energy as I can through the motos. I won all three motos and my semi final as well, and was able to secure first lane choice for the final. My start in the final out of lane 1 was my fastest over the whole weekend, and I lead in and out of the first corner. It was a much more relaxed lap for me, as I realised that I was too tense around the track in Saturday’s final. I was able to complete a smooth lap with no major mistakes, coming through with the win. This was my first State Championship win since I was 12 years old! I was very happy to be able to pull together consistent laps throughout the weekend in this class, and this result has given me great confidence leading into 2016. Over the weekend, I was also voted as the Member’s Choice Senior Male Rider of the Year. It was a great feeling being selected for this award out of all of the fantastic riders in NSW, and I hope to be able to continue to be a positive role model for the next generation coming through.