Bladerunna Balance Bike

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Constructed out of lightweight aluminium and quality parts including aluminium wheels and hubs with fully sealed bearings, high quality saddle and solid frame.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why a balance bike?

With a Bladerunna balance bike, the rider learns balance first, pedal last. In contrast, on a normal bicycle fitted with training wheels, the rider learns pedal first, balance last. Learning to balance is acutally the hardest part of riding a bicycle, master that and you can skip straight to a big-kid bike. Training wheels provide a false sense of security and actually create fear in young children when the time comes to ride without them.

Bladerunna balance bikes create freedom for youngsters to get out and have fun on two wheels making learning to ride a lot less stressful for children — and less back-breaking for their parents!

What age are Bladerunna balance bikes designed for?

The Bladerunna balance bike is appropriate for ages 18 months and up but will be determined by the riders size, weight and / or skills. Maximum rider weight: 30kg

How heavy is the Bladerunna balance bike?

The Bladerunna balance bike weighs less than 4kgs which is essential in giving young children the confidence to ride on two wheels! They can start, stop and manourvre their Bladerunna with ease!

Is there assembly required?

There is some basic assembly required. Your Bladerunna balance bike comes with a step by step guide on how to assemble, with all required tools included.

What colours are available?

Bladerunna balance bikes come in four different colours; Tomahawk Blue, Samurai Red, Gladiator Green & Elektra Pink.

Does the Bladerunna balance bike have seat height adjustments?

Yes, the Bladerunna balance bike comes with a colourful lightweight aluminium 'quick release' seat clamp to make seat height adjustment a breeze. This is especially helpful as you will find that all of your childs friends will want a turn and there are no tools required for a quick rider change, which keeps everyone happy! The seat height adjustment has a range of 32cm up to 44cm to ensure the Bladerunna balance bike grows with your child. We also have an extra long seat post, which can be purchased from our store, increasing the maximum seat height to just over 50cm.

Does the Bladerunna balance bike have brakes?

No, we believe that feet-on-the-ground braking is the best method for young riders to slow down and stop…it makes sense that they start with their feet so they should also stop with their feet! A child will instinctively put their feet down on the ground in an emergency anyway and they simply do not have the size, strength or coordination to operate a hand brake system.

What type of tyres does the Bladerunna balance bike have?

Bladerunna balance bikes come with pneumatic rubber tyres for increased grip and longevity as well as ease of riding on all forms of terrain. Our research has found that EVA polymer tyres simply do not last the distance! Air filled tyres also provide a level of cushioning which makes for a smoother and more comfortable ride!

What type of material is the Bladerunna balance bike made from?

Constructed out of lightweight aluminium and quality parts including aluminium wheels and hubs with fully sealed bearings, high quality saddle and solid frame, the Bladerunna is built to handle the toughest toddlers on the block! Bladerunna balance bikes meet Australian & New Zealand toy safety standards.

How long does delivery take?

Delivery in Australia, in most cases, will be made by courier. Goods are dispatched within two days of your payment being cleared. Please allow up to 7 working days to receive your delivery.

Returns Policy

If you are not satisfied with your bike, please contact Strong Sports within 7 days to request a replacement or refund. Any delivery cost in returning the goods are at the expense of the customer.


Our aim is to ensure your child does not want to put their Bladerunna down and we want you to thoroughly enjoy the experience and freedom that a Bladerunna provides. If you are not completely satisfied with your Bladerunna, PLEASE contact us and we will do all we can to assist. Bladerunna balance bikes are guaranteed for one year from purchase date against defective parts or manufacture error and will be fixed or replaced free of charge.

The Bladerunna balance bike is a toy and will be enthusiastically used by your child and components like tyres, saddle coverings and grips will eventually wear out as part of normal wear and tear, which is not included in this Warranty.

Ensure you register your Bladerunna serial number (found at the front of the frame) to activate your warranty. 

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