Transporter Tricycle

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20in Front and Rear Wheels

Max Speed 20kmh / Max Range 40km
200W Brushless Motor – Twist Grip Throtte

15Ah Lead Acid Batt and Charger

3 Speed Shimano Inner Hub Gears
Heavy Duty Tyres / Slimed Thornproof Tubes
Headlight / Taillight / Indicators
Speedometer / Battery Status Gauge
Adjustable Seat Height
Huge Cargo Basket / Lockable Basket Cover
Free Cable Lock and Safety Vest
No Licence or Registration Required

The perfect substitute for a car. The huge cargo basket and riding stability make it safe and secure for all ages.


Wheel Size
20in Front
  20in Rear
Length 1800mm
Width 720mm
Height 1020mm
Wheelbase 1190mm
Weight 51kg (incl battery)


Lead Acid

Charging Capacity 15Ah
Voltage 12v x 3 = 36v
Max Number of Charges 300
Weight of Battery Assembly 13kg

Lithium Ion

Charging Capacity 10Ah
Voltage 36v
Max Number of Charges 600
Weight of Battery Assembly 4kg


Max. Speed 20kmh
Max. Distance of Travel 40km
Rated Output 
Rated Voltage 36V

Note: As the Rated Output of the motor is less than 200W - this means that this tricycle is considered to be a "bicycle" by ALL Australian States and Territories - and therefore NO Licence or Registration is required.

Price includes freight from Melbourne. Price quoted is Lead Acid version.
For Lithium version add $400

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