Fox Launch Pro D30 Knee Pads

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The Launch Pro D3O® Knee Guards build on the legendary performance of Fox's existing guards and elevates the performance to new heights. Designed with input from their elite level race team, the new knee guards leverage the relationship with D30® - the worldwide leader in impact reducing materials - and combines that technology with a removable hard cap for bulletproof durability and all mountain performance. The D3O® CE certified build allows the knee guard to stay flexible for ease of movement and comfort, but upon impact, they instantly harden to dissipate the force of the crash. The Launch Pro D3O® Knee Guards have a breathable, moisture wicking construction for all day comfort.
• Enhanced breathability through perforated non-toxic hypoallergenic Ariaprene™ neoprene
• Anatomically designed panels provide superior pedal efficiency and on bike comfort
• Moisture wicking back fabric keeps you cool and dry
• Removable/replaceable hardshell front knee cap to reduce snagging
• D3O® CE certified insert for impact protection
• Comes in pairs


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