Suburban Step Thru.

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• 26in Wheels – Step Through Unisex Alloy Frame
• Max Speed 25kmh / Max Range 60km
• 200W Brushless Motor – Twist Grip Throttle OR
• 250W Brushless Motor – Pedal Activation System
• 3 Speed Inner Hub Gears – Trigger Shifter
• Heavy Duty Tyres / Slimed Thornproof Tubes
• 36V 15Ah Lithium Battery and Charger
• LCD Trip Computer Speedo Battery Indicator
• Large Comfortable Cushioned Adult Saddle
• No Licence or Registration Required



Wheel Size
Length 1800mm
Width 600mm
Height 950mm
Wheelbase 1180mm
Weight 25kg (incl battery)


Lithium Ion

Charging Capacity 15Ah
Voltage 36v
Max Number of Charges 600
Weight of Battery Assembly 4kg


Max. Speed 26kmh
Max. Distance of Travel 60km
Rated Output 
Rated Voltage 36V

Note: As the Rated Output of the motor is less than 200W - this means that the Challenger is considered to be a "bicycle" by ALL Australian States and Territories - and therefore NO Licence or Registration is required.

Price includes freight from Melbourne

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