Road bikes

Blackman Bicycles started as a road racing specialist shop at its current site in Blacktown. Some customers are surprised to see the same faces after 30+ years.  Blackmans continue to assist road riders, triathletes and mountain bikers who are now riding road bikes for cross-training.

We also have a fitment machine to set you up on your bicycle for optimal performance.

Hybrids / City-Bikes are a cross between a road bike and a mountain bike. Great for commuters, tourers, and the recreational rider who wants comfort and speed at an affordable price.

hybrid/city bikes

Blackman Bicycles have an extensive range of mountain bikes in each store.
Mountain bike riding has become a popular hobby, especially in the Western area of Sydney. We are situated close to the Blue Mountains where there are many bike tracks to navigate at your own pace.

We stock bikes from the base model to downhill racing and cross country so be sure to rip in store for a test ride today!

Mountain Bikes


The BMX was indeed the bike that would take you anywhere in the 80's. Before the days of Mountain Bikes, BMX ruled supreme. With the advent of the MTB, the modern BMX has been able to shuck off the all purpose off road label and evolved into a finely crafted machine. 

At Blackman Bicycles, we believe your choice of E-Bike should be easy. That’s why we have partnered with what we feel are the top three brands for value, performance and choice available today. If you are looking for a bicycle to support and grow your fitness and make your commute to work or the shops a joy. Come in and experience the range today.



Our extensive range of cruiser and retro bikes at Blackman Bicyles has something for everyone from the stylish weekend warrior to the serious collector.

kids Bikes

There are few things more liberating for a child then to be able to ride a bicycle. Freedom, excitement and of course the fitness that comes along with riding a bike. Make purchasing one for your child a worthwhile investment from the age of around three.