mountain bikes

Blackman Bicycles have an extensive range of mountain bikes in each store.

We stock bikes from the base model to downhill racing and cross country so be sure to rip in store for a great deal today!

Brands include Giant, Mongoose, GT and Pivot cycles.


How do you define the ultimate cycling experience? That’s up to you. Our mission at Giant is to help make it happen.

To create the ultimate cycling experience for all riders, all around the world.

It’s true that Giant is the world’s largest producer of high-quality bikes, but we never forget where we came from.

And we were founded on the idea that the best way to inspire passion for cycling is to create the best products,

and make them accessible to all riders. 

When we talk about “Ride Life,” this is what we mean. Our products, our people, our passion.

Our commitment to enhancing your cycling life.

Ride Life. Ride Giant.

2020 giant atx 3   


2020 giant atx 2 


2020 giant atx 1 


2020 LIV BLISS 3 


2020 LIV BLISS 2 


2020 LIV BLISS 1 


2020 LIV TEMPT 3 


2020 LIV TEMPT 2 


2020 LIV TEMPT 1 


2020 giant talon 3 


2020 giant talon 29er 3


2020 giant talon 2 


2020 giant talon 29er 2


giant fathom 29er 2

rrp $1499  now only $1299

giant fathom 29er 1

rrp $2299  now only $1999

giant TRANCE ADV PRO 29ER 1 

$6299  now only $4999   

giant trance 29er 2

rrp $3699  now only $3099

giant trance 29er 1 

rrp $5499 now only $4499

giant trance 3 

rrp $3199  now only $2599

giant trance 2 

rrp $3699  now only $3099

giant reign 2

rrp $3699  now only $3099


It’s our vision, our calling and our ultimate goal to design and build cutting edge bikes that take your

cycling experience to a whole new level and do it in a way that provides you with the best possible experience.

2018 pivot mach 6 alloy race xt

$6499  now only $5999

2019 pivot trail 429 c pro xt/xtr

$9199  now only $7799