bmx bikes 

At Blackman's we stock a huge range of bmx bikes to suit all budgets,

including race, freestyle, dirt and street, from leading brands such as

Mongoose, GT, Forgotten, WTP, Fit Bike Co, Radio, Sunday and Redline, 


Ranging from the LXS to the L100, the Legion series of bikes offers everything a BMX rider could need.

From your first true BMX bike in the L18 to a fully park, street and dirt worthy machine in the L100. 


Progress is forward movement, no matter where you start. GT’s Freestyle lineup has a bike for everyone, from the newbie learning their first cancan to seasoned vets like team riders Brian Kachinsky and Leandro Moriera. With lightweight, sturdy frames, and every possible configuration of set-up, the only way to go is forward.

BMX Race

Speed Series Pro Neon Yellow

$1599.95 RRP 

Speed Series Neon Yellow

$999.95 RRP

Mach One Gloss Team Blue


29 Pro Series LTD Gloss Blue

$999.95 RRP 

BMX Street/Dirt/Jump

Team Signature BK Gloss Red Flake

$999.95 RRP 

Team Comp Conway Gloss Pitch Green

$849.95 RRP

Team Mercado Trans Mystic Mint

$749.95 RRP

Performer Satin Black

$629.95 RRP 

Performer Gloss Trans Copper

$629.95 RRP

Performer Gloss Trans Teal

$629.95 RRP

Slammer Matte Washed Black

$549.95 RRP 

Slammer Gloss Mystic Mint

$549.95 RRP

Air Gloss Trans Black

$479.95 RRP

Air Gloss GT Yellow

$479.95 RRP 

18" Jr Performer Gloss Aqua Blue

$499.95 RRP

16' Lil Performer Gloss Peach

$489.95 RRP

29 Pro Performer Heritage Gloss Blue

$1299.95 RRP 

26 Pro Performer Heritage Gloss Trans Rasberry

$1249.95 RRP

20 Pro Performer Heritage White

$999.95 RRP

29 Dyno Compe Pro Heritage Gloss Black

$1249.95 RRP 

24 Dyno Compe Pro Heritage Gloss Red

$1199.95 RRP